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Make the Right Health Care Decisions!

Recent research suggests that as many as 60% of patients may be getting the wrong treatment and 1 in 5 patients may have the wrong diagnosis. ConnectCare3 is a personal, confidential Patient Advocacy and Nurse Navigation service designed to help you and your family get the best medical care. We find the best doctors and your best treatment options. We will personally accompany patients to medical appointments. We provide compassionate assistance in navigating the healthcare system.

You deserve to be going to a specialist with expertise in treating your specific medical condition whether it is cancer, heart disease, joint replacements or any number of complex illnesses. ConnectCare3 identifies the expert physicians and facilities that specialize in your medical need so that you can have the assurance that you are getting the best available care. You only want to do it once and the right way.

The current health care system is a complex and confusing maze of physicians, treatment options, hospitals and health insurance companies. Our Nurse Navigators help you find medical specialists and the facilities. We coordinate care between multiple physicians and medical treatment facilities, plus determine the interaction with your health insurance. All of ConnectCare3’s services are customized for each patient’s individual needs and preferences.

Nurse Navigators

The ConnectCare3 nurses will accompany patients to physician appointments and facility visits by request in addition to phone and email support. After each appointment, the nurse provides a summary of all information and instructions shared by the physician or facility in an easy to understand format. Nurse navigators offer a source of information during appointments while providing a sense of calm, control and understanding during a highly stressful and confusing time. Many patients and their families waste precious time trying to figure it out alone. The stakes are high and delayed or incorrect choices can have devastating results physically, emotionally and financially.

89,000 Members

When it comes to a person’s health, the stakes are high. With over 89,000 members in 4 states (Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Maryland, Florida), ConnectCare3 changes lives every day. We use our experience and knowledge to ensure that each of our patients gets the opportunity to focus on healing.

Taking Care of You is Our Only Business

Anyone who has had a sick relative or has confronted a serious illness themselves understands the complexities in our modern healthcare system which can confound and overwhelm the patient. ConnectCare3 is a revolutionary new service to help seriously ill patients navigate the medical system when they are most vulnerable and in need.

ConnectCare3 provides a personal healthcare navigator who can meet with the patient who has recently been diagnosed with a serious or life-threatening illness. Working with both the patient and their family, ConnectCare3 can go along on doctor's visits, help understand test results and can research where groundbreaking treatments and the best practitioners are located.

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